"George has been like a father figure to me, really. Going on tour with him when I was 17 years old, he was the first major artist to invest in taking me out on tour with him, and ever since, he's shown up at my concerts and sent me little messages. He's been so incredibly supportive, and I couldn't really ask for more." -2009

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the books weren’t written for children,

they were written for …the promise breakers.

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Cat senses earthquake


Cat senses earthquake

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Arnie, a stray cat who became known for his extraordinary talent as a “babysitter” of abandoned newborn animals brought to the Linton Zoo, passed away peacefully last week.  Arnie’s favorite creatures were lion cubs, and he babysat all four of the zoo’s adult lions as well as some of their cubs. 

Arnie wandered onto the zoo property in 2000 and quickly worked his way into the hearts of the zoo staff.  Named after Arnold Schwarzenegger, Arnie gained fame after photos of him with a lion cub made international headlines.  Even after his moments in the spotlight, Arnie didn’t let fame go to his head.  He continued in his role as a friend to all, greeting zoo guests (especially those who were carrying tasty treats), controlling pests, and cheering up anyone who was feeling down.

Linton Zoo staff described Arnie as a “real life Garfield” whose outstanding personality will be missed by not only the people who loved him, but by his many animal friends around the zoo - especially the animals that he babysat over the years. {Article}

Rest in peace, Arnie. 

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